Lab 3, Option 3

  1. Download the grade dataset from the menu.

    Write a program to display the data.

  2. Using an array, replace any score that is >= 50 but < 60 with a 59.

  3. Using an array, add 5 to each quiz score, except that the maximum score that a student can receive is 100. (So, if their score is 92, it becomes 97. If their score is 97 it becomes 100. If their score is 100, it stays the same.)

  4. Using an array, replace each student's lowest score with a -1. If there is a tie, replace the score of the quiz earliest in the sequence. For example, if QUIZ1 and QUIZ2 have the same score, and they are the lowest scores, replace the score of QUIZ1 only.

  5. Create a format so that if a grade is 90-100, you display "A", if it is >= 80 and < 90 you display "B", >=70 and < 80 you display "C", >= 60 and < 70 you display "D", and otherwise display "F".

  6. Using the VAR statement, display only the students' names and grades on QUIZ1, QUIZ2, and QUIZ3. (Do not display the other variables).