Editors in Linux

The most difficult hurtle for many students who start to use Linux is to learn to become proficient in an editor. The editor is how you communicate with the computer, so spending a little time becoming proficient in a power editor is worth your time.

This page has some information about the most common editors. If you are totally new to LINUX then you can use nano (or pico) for simple things to get you going.


  • nano or pico : for simple editing
    • nano fn.sas
  • emacs : use ESS for sas
  • vim : see below for more information

ESS setup for Emacs users

  1. Use command “ls -a” to check if the “.emacs” file exists.
  2. If the “.emacs” file exist, open the file using “emacs .emacs” command.
  3. In the emacs file, type in ” (load “/opt/HPM/bin/ess-13.09/lisp/ess-site”) ” on the top.
  4. Save the file and exit. (Command “Ctrl + x + s” and “Ctrl + x + c”)
  5. Edit sas file in your directory and check the different color setting in the editor.